It's in your DNA.
Stop guessing when it comes to your health and that of your loved ones!

This program gives you access to the most cutting-edge machine-learning tools for extracting the maximum information from your genetic data. These patented algorithms integrate information from hundreds of thousands of variants using the "genome-wide" approach which is far superior to "traditional" gene scores.

As science continues to advance rapidly in this space, you will be notified, throughout the year, when new genetic insights have been unlocked for you.
Retrieve your genetic results and learn more about YOU!

  • -    Eliminate "Trial and Error"
  • -    Avoid Genetic Obstacles
  • -    Discover Hidden Genetic Gifts
  • -    Achieve your Health, Weight Loss and Fitness Goals Faster

Founder’s DNA VIP Launch Pack

Celiac/Gluten sensitivity, Carb/Fat/Protein ratio, Caffeine sensitivity, Alcohol sensitivity, Lactose sensitivity), Joint Health, Bone Health, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Omega-3

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Founder’s STARTER COMBO Launch Pack.

4 Genetic Scores Includes your Personal Fitness and Nutrition Map "Find out what food is dangerous for you and your loved ones"

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Founder’s YEARLY COMBO Launch Pack.

Report on all total 19 Genetic Scores Includes your Personal Fitness and Nutrition Map

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How it works.


Order your bHealth kit and register your kit on the bHealth portal


Complete your saliva swab and send your sample to our accredited laboratory


Your results will be uploaded to the bHealth portal

What you get.

You will receive Genetic score information that will

  1. "Protect" you and your loved ones from foods that could be dangerous
  2. "Maximise" your health and get more out of life
  3. Inform you on how to "Burn" fat more effectively
  4. How to better "Perform" and get more out of your sport/fitness

19 Genetic Prediction Scores

BE Fitness Map

BE Nutrition Map

Understand how your genetic information can influence how you respond to food and exercise.

Why get your genetics tested?

Get faster results
Eliminate the trial and error period and learn what is best for your body
Avoid genetic obstacles and quit trying Fad diets.