The BHealth System

The BHealth System was developed to empower people around the world to finally be able to effectively change their health and fitness in a personalized way that will yield better and faster results.

At Boomerang Elite, we understand that products alone will never be a complete solution, yet this is the only solution often faced by consumers.

Most solutions out there sacrifice personalization for duplication or vice-versa. The BHealth system is the first and only system to truly permit duplication of personalized health and fitness and making it accessible to people around the world.

This is not only the most powerful system in the industry of Network Marketing to achieve your dream health and fitness goals, it is the best system across all industries. Patented and proprietary tools, never available before, are used inside the BHealth system permitting a level of program personalization and duplication that could only be dreamed about in the past.

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DNA Pack


Stop guessing when it comes to your health

DNA Pack

CBD Health Products

A powerful new discovery in natural health

DNA Pack

The power of Beets

A superfood with the power of nitrous oxide