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FPGA Mining Technology Packs

This is a special pre-market purchase opportunity and the following prices can only be guaranteed for a period of 2 weeks from July 15th-July 26th, 2019. Our FPGA technology manufacturing partner may choose to raise prices following this special pre-market offer thus these low prices cannot be guaranteed following this period.

Your purchased FPGA Technology mining rigs are guaranteed to be mining within 90 days of your order date.

Following this pre-market offer, delivery times may also be longer because of demand.

All prices below include your FPGA Technology mining rig and your choice of 1 or 3 years of prepaid hosting. Hosting is conducted by our professional hosting partners who are also recommended by our FPGA technology manufacturer. You will have access to view your mining rig in person once it is connected.

Crypto Trading Education & Signals

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  • Beginners and Continuing Education
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Starting at $599.00

*One time

Founder’s STARTER COMBO Launch Pack.

The Protect DNA pack (4 Genetic Scores*) ($599 wholes. value) Includes your Personal Fitness and Nutrition Map

Founder’s YEARLY COMBO Launch Pack.

Report on all total 19 Genetic Scores* ($749 wholes. value)

Yearly Crypto Education Pack (for current founders)

includes 1 full year of crypto education and trading signals

Founder’s YEARLY Crypto Education and Signals Pack

includes 1 full year of crypto education and trading signals

Mine like an expert, Trade like a pro


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