Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself
When You Beat Down The Door.

What we are about.

Boomerang Elite is strongly committed to bringing
innovations to the Network Marketing industry.

With over 100 years of combined field and corporate experience, the co-founders understand the critical importance of these innovations.
Boomerang is founded on the principles of excellence, integrity and authenticity towards our customers and distributors. We are the company “for the people”, we are dedicated to empowering each and every one to fulfill their dreams. At Boomerang Elite, our distributors assist people around the world regarding two main concerns: Health and Wealth.

This is the reason why we are launching 2 synergistic divisions, bHealth and bWealth. This permits our distributors to serve a much larger marketplace than traditionally possible, resulting in:

  • Immediate access to international markets
  • Faster business growth
  • Improved distributor and customer retention

To further enhance the offer, both divisions operate under the same next-level compensation plan synergized with Boomerang Elite’s unique product offering.
Thus, empowering distributors in new and exciting ways never available before!