Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself
When You Beat Down The Door.

What we’re all about!

Our mission is to positively impact the lives of people worldwide through the introduction of the truly innovative technologies, products and programs.

Boomerang Elite is launching with their first innovation, cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrency is a new industry gaining awareness around the world including in Network Marketing and internet marketers. Crypto mining is fundamental to this industry. Many consumers, Networking leaders and internet marketers want to participate and anticipate generating revenue through this industry.

Along with this spike in interest follows an increase in what can be called “less than legitimate” opportunities and/or highly speculative operations resulting in a lack of legal and transparent businesses in the crypto mining space. Consumers have become very cautious and rightly so.

Hence the room for a genuine crypto mining company offering customers a great mining results and experience combined with a powerful Network Marketing program. Apart from Boomerang Elite, such a transparent offer is currently unavailable in the market.

We are thus able to give consumers everywhere access to the very best and genuine “Crypto Mining” experience. In this emerging industry, we achieve this through:

  • geographical advantages
  • strategic partnership helping us stay at the cutting edge of crypto mining technologies
  • our transparency of operations
  • our second to none “Network Marketing Program and compensation plan” and
  • our industry leading “LEAD system”TM that insures that Web marketing can benefit every single distributor.
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Making things work better!

Network Marketing is still a young and developing industry. Many major issues still remain to be resolved in order to maximise this distribution model’s vast potential.

Here are some of those issues that has been resolved within Boomerang Elite:

  • understanding why field leaders regularly quit and go to other MLM companies within a few short years
  • making commission plans that are better suited for both company and distributors alike.
  • Making Web marketing and word of mouth marketing work synergistically instead of in opposition for the benefit of every distributor.
  • With lifetimes of experience, the Boomerang Elite Founders have been able to identify the problem issues and find creative solutions for them. We believe that these insights will assist every distributor to build their business more effectively and fairly resulting in both faster short term and long-term business growth.

Know Boomerang Elite Compensation Plan

Different people will participate in Boomerang Elite’s opportunity for different reasons and with different goals.

Like any powerful opportunity, this one is based on the ability to attract a large customer base through Boomerang Elite’s exciting crypto mining offers.

Many people will join as distributors in order to simply earn some extra money to help at the end of the month, pay off some bills or permit them a vacation they’ve wanted for a while. All this while learning about cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency mining.

Others, because of where they are at in their lives, will have bigger goals and take on a bigger challenge. With hard work, dedication and growth, anything is possible when you have the right vehicle.

Whatever success looks like for you, this is the vehicle that can help you get there.

Welcome to in Boomerang Elite’s!

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Our mission is to positively impact the lives of people worldwide through the introduction of the truly innovative technologies, products and programs.


Lead generation system. Imagine if you and every single member of your team would be able to receive 5 new “hot” leads every single month. If you have a team of 50 distributors, that’s 250 new ”hot” leads that flows into your business every single month. With 1000 on your team, that’s 5000 new leads every single month.


We believe that business and leadership education availability is critical to the success of your team. We also believe that delivering that education “in-house” makes that education more specific, relevant, and ultimately much more effective than external generic MLM training courses. Plus, it is a lot less costly.

Advertising Assistance

You will get access to professional tools and assistance to manage your entire social media campaign automatically or one person at a time.


Duplication is the magic word in Network Marketing. Not only is this entire LEAD system powerful and innovative but it’s also highly duplicatable. It is simple to use for you and every single member of your team, creating powerful compounding business growth as distributors keep joining your team.

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